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Luv is a three legged word.

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Luv is a three legged word.

In the mean time…

April 4th, 2018 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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This comming Monday is the big day.  The day that decides if Bosco can participate in the Osteosarcoma vaccine study.  I’m worried because we are about 10 months post diagnosis already, he’s having issues with food aversion, and he’s been groaning.  On the other hand, although he is picky about food, he is eating and he is taking an SSRI which is helping too.  We have to offer a variety of foods until we find something he wants but he is eating.  The groaning might simply be his arthritis.  We manage it with meds, massage, and occasional acupuncture but maybe it’s getting worse.

The cancer may not have spread.  He has energy.  He asked to go for a walk yesterday!  Also no coughing.  His nose is always running due to allergy but it’s no worse than usual.  So these things give me hope.

He ate a ton of Oliver Bentley treats this afternoon.  They are limited ingredient treats with ginger and honey from Savannah bee company.  We bought some when we were in Savannah and he liked them so I just ordered more and they came today.  They sent a sweet note!  By the way, you can take your dog into the Savannah Bee Company which we did the Saterday  before Easter in Gatlinburg!  Why didn’t I take a photo of that though!?

Anyway, these treats are good ones for Bosco who has GI issues in addition to food aversion.  I try to keep a variety of treats arround since I never know what he will eat.

While we wait for Monday, we’re trying focus on having fun (and hide my worries as much as possible) with Bosco.  Hopefully it will all turn out well.  He sure deserves it.  He is the best dog!

Our favorite spot along one of the dog friendly hiking trails in the Smokies.

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5 Comments so far ↓

  • benny55

    BOSCO!!! I’M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!! ‘That photo with your “frosty mug” and happy smile just melts my heart!! 🙂 🙂

    This is such a great update! All is well in Bosco’s world and that makes us all happy!

    We’ll be cheering for you Bosco! Update us when you know abiut the vaccine.

    Thanks for the tips on those great treats! Makes me want to try ine!! 🙂

    Have you tried FRESH PET (in the refrigeration section of pet aisle)? Whole Foods carries it as does Target. I bet he will like it!!! 🙂 🙂 ‘Really, give it a try!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • dougo1

    I’m pulling for you!!

  • jerry

    Bosco you look like the hoppiest doggie EVER! Count us in as fans, we are totally in love with you.

    Sounds like your people have a great handle on your pain management needs, I love that you get all the extra TLC with acupuncture and stuff. Hopefully a few more sessions can help you feel good again. Oh and more of those tasty sounding treats too!

    Oh and I hope you get into the trial! Let us know how Monday goes OK? We are thinking of you, handsome.

  • tlahaye

    Best of luck on Monday, but it sounds like Bosco is doing fine.

    FWIW, we did the comprehensive evaluation of Wednesday and while X-rays looked good, all final lab work and pathology are done by the study sponsor and results were not back yet yesterday. They treated Casey regardless.

    • boscodog

      Thanks! He is doing ok, just some food aversion but he is eating. We are about 10 months post diagnosis so it wouldn’t be so surprising if it has metastasized. We are just trying to stay positive.

      Thanks for the info about the lab work. I think they are planning to do blood work on Thursday and the treatment on Friday. That’s in addition to whatever blood work is done on Monday when he has x rays.

      I’m so glad to hear Casey’s X rays looked good! What a relief.

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