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Luv is a three legged word.

What might have been

April 9th, 2018 · 15 Comments · Uncategorized

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we held onto hope for a long time but today the x ray showed 2 mets.  My husband and I are stunned and devastated.  My sweet boy doesn’t deserve this.  Right now there’s not much  more to say.


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  • tlahaye

    I’m sorry for this news, but do check with the folks in SC. I know Casey’s clinic will vaccinate dogs with metastasis, but outside the formal study.

    • boscodog

      Really? We will ask. Thanks!

    • boscodog

      Your not talking about the clinic in Southfield, MI by any chance?

      • tlahaye

        Springfield VA

        • boscodog

          Just spoke to the vet in Greenville. We are probably going forward with the vaccine after all, but it will be outside the official study. I’ll update when I know more and can think straight.

          Sally, thank you. Your a ray of sun shine!

          • tlahaye

            I’m glad it’s working out. Best of luck.

            What metronomic therapy was Bosco following?

          • boscodog

            He was on sirolimus, cyclophosphamide, and piroxicam. The plan is to start the vaccine this week. We have the exam on Thursday and the treatment on Friday. At this point I keep going back and forth. I really don’t know what is best for him.

          • tlahaye

            Here’s hoping everything goes well both today and tomorrow. We’re thinking of you and Bosco.

  • benny55

    I know this was a kick in the gut to hear. It’s devastating to hear.

    But this is what’s really important, and you already know this. Bosco is srill being Bosco and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any ole’ xrays! And the fact that he is symptom free is truly good news!

    The aversion to food could be a lot of different “non-threatening” things. I know some tripawds become so spoiled (as it should be!) that they only hold out for really good sruff… matter how hungry they are!!

    Whether or not he can proceed with the vaccine, there are still other options to check out! I know some felt Paladia was a good option that gave good extended quality time, as well as Metronomics. Jerry rocked life on three legs for almost two-years, and much of that two years was with mets!! He was in Metronomics.

    So take a deep breath, step back into Bosco’s BEING MORE DOG state, and no that, by nooooo means is thisnthe end!

    Look at that great picture you posted!! Bosco has no intention of going anywhere anytime soon!!!

    Lots of hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. My Happy Hannah got some glorious extended time AFTER her symptoms showed up!

  • tlahaye

    Sally, you are a delight!

  • arynzmuse

    I’m so sorry. Sending you guys positive thoughts!

  • jerry

    Sweet Bosco, you look so happy and have so much to teach us!

    I’m sorry about the mets, that is a heartbreaker and it hurts sooo much. But as you can see he’s not letting it get him down, nope. And remember, MANY dogs have lived far beyond anyone’s expectations with lung mets, our Jerry included.

    It’s really wonderful to know that you are getting him the vaccine. We talked to one of the leading scientists working on the second study. I asked, “Can this take the place of metronomics?” He said there just haven’t been enough dogs with mets who have been given the vaccine to know for sure, but the only way to find out is to get started doing it. So in many ways you and Bosco are pioneers, forging ahead and showing the world what is possible when the vaccine and mets are combined. We will keep our paws and fingers crossed that he exceeds everyone’s expectations and blows the numbers out of the water.


    Let us know how things are going. We are very interested in following along and sharing your story with the community.

    • boscodog

      Jerry thank you so much. Your comments are inspiring. We were feeling so hopeful yesterday as we drove Knoxville to Asheville NC for our first appointment. When we got into two we stopped and realized that Bosco couldn’t move his back legs. Dr.Martinez worked us in early and felt that is was likely retlated to the cancer. He didn’t feel that moving forward with the vaccine was the best option because of the side effects and as of yesterday morning was thinking that we would need to euthanize in the next few days. But, we stopped by our vet when we got home. She showed us how to express his bladder. At that time he couldn’t urinate. (It’s really physically hard to do.). Later in the evening he went by himself! This morning he wagged his tail, can sit up, and moved his feet when we ticked certain toes but not all. He didn’t do any of that yesterday so he has improved! We will see what happens. Things are crazy right now. I can hardly think. We have a friend of a friend comming by later to take some photos. She offered to do this for free. My husband and I are touched and grateful. Tomorrow we are taking him for acupuncture. We haven’t unpacked yet even. So, I will update the blog as soon as I can. Although we can’t try the vaccine I hope others do. The vet we worked with was wonderful and incredibly empathetic. It was a short but positive experience.

      Jerry thank you for your support and encouragement. This has just been one gut punch after another.

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