Happy Ampuversary Bosco! 1 year!

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One year ago we had no idea what was to come.  I’m so grateful for the last year with my special fur baby.  Maybe we will get to celebrate his 13 th Birthday in September.  That’s something that seems possible now but a year ago…..  He’s a very special boy and every day with him is so precious.


The owners at our local barkary are amazing!

Picnic and bike ride on Friday!  Gotta love the doggieride!


Saterday picnic and maybe a hamburger patty from Sonic….. His actual Ampuversary.


He’s such a good boy.  Prednisone makes him predy hungry but he waited for me to take his picture.


Happy Ampuversary Bosco!

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7 thoughts on “Happy Ampuversary Bosco! 1 year!”

  1. Oh Bosco! Hoppy Ampuversary handsome pup! I can’t believe we missed the pawty, can we keep it going? You deserve it my friend. This is a BIG DEAL!

    Super duper huge hugs and kisses. We are thrilled you are ROCKIN life as a senior dawg on 3. Keep on hoppin on!

  2. What a treasure! Happy Ampuversary. You are sooooooooo loved Mr Bosco, and it’s easy to see why! Sorry we’re late to the pawty, but, as Jerry says, let’s keep the celebrations going!

    Lots of love, Meg, Clare and Angel Pie ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


    What an incredible milestone…and what an incredible cake you jave Mr Bosco!! Yoir hoomans sure know how throw a pawty😎

    BOSCO, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!! And those poctures….OMD!!! SMOOCHING THE MUG! I absolutely adore you!!

    Extra hugs and lots of love😚
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. Yes we will keep the party going as long as we can! He had a great time!

    I’m so glad we celebrated his milestone. He was so happy!

    Bosco is having a tough time now. His back and now his neck have flaired and he can’t walk. We’re working on helping him feel better with PT, meds, and acupuncture. I’m worried.

  5. It’s soooo easy for tripawds to tweak those areas. Add being a senior on three legs for a year…yeah, it can be hard on our pups!

    Remember, BOSCO ISN’T WORRIED!!

    Rest, rest, rest, lots of massage, warm towels from the dryer across the neck and back, along with the meds and acupuncture and more rest.

    Goodness knows you are doing EVERYTHING, far more than most, to keep Bosco happy! And he is happy! He just can’t stop smiling😊


    Everyday is BOSCO DAY!!😁😎 Pawty!!! Pawty on!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bosco touches us all. As I have said before, I absolutely adore him!.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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