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Things have been rough lately.  Bosco still can’t walk.  It’s been almost 4 1/2 months.  He started having diarrhea on his birthday (9/15).  He had one day that it became bloody.  The vet said that the Prednisone he takes could be causing the problem.  She suggested a course of Flagile.  We did that, he got better, and then a few days after finishing the med he started to have more stomach issues. So, the vet said he could stay on the med indefinitely.  (That broke my heart because it means we are doing palliative care now.). So, we continued to give the flagile and things got better again until he stopped eating the bland foods the vet wanted him on.  Because he would not eat I offered other foods.  He liked steak and canned tuna.  So I was thrilled he was eating but it’s causing diarrhea again.


Its been several days now now that he has had very soft stool or full blown diarrhea.  His rear end is so swollen and he’s bleeding a little.  I have been cleaning him as gently as possible with baby wipes but it’s taking a toll.  The blood is definitely coming from his skin/ external.  Has anyone dealt with this?  Is there anything I can put on him to help?  Aloe or tucks pads maybe?  I texted my holistic vet about it but haven’t heard back yet.


The holistic vet did give us a referral to another vet who does euthanasia.  She’s basically a hospice vet.  It looks like she takes paw prints, paw impressions, and other things along with euthanasia and cremation.  I guess it’s a small comfort to feel prepared in case we have to make that decision.  Although I would like to let things happen naturally if it’s possible, without Bosco being in pain.  This is really hard.


I’m wondering if anyone has had difficulty dealing with family or friends who have different views or would make different choices for thier pets?  I’m dealing with a crappy situation with a friend and I just don’t know what to do.  I would welcome any advice.


I have a friend who I used to work out with a lot and I work with her too.  As Bosco’s health declined and especially as his mobility declined I or my husband had to be home with him.  So, we were able to work out out schedules so that one of us could be here.  That meant that I couldn’t go to the gym often.  I explained all of this to my friend but she began to act differently arround me (quiet).  This friend also got engaged a year ago.  She sent me a save the date card.  She invited me to her bachelorette party and wedding shower.  I couldn’t go to either because my husband was working and I had no one to care for Bosco.  We would need a vet tech to watch him because he needs his bladder expressed and we have to turn him to avoid pressure sores because he can’t.  It’s hard and it’s very physical.


So, I have explained the situation to my friend and apologized for not making it.  I got her a shower gift.  On the day of her bachelorette party, I texted her to say that I hoped she had fun and that I wish I could be there.  She seemed happy I did that.  Then a month before the wedding she texted to ask how she should get the wedding invitation to me.  I thought it was an odd question and I assumed she didn’t want to mail it so save money.  So she said she would send it through the office mail system.  Well you can guess where this is going.  I never got an invitation.  And, the wedding is this Saterday out of town.  She texted me two days ago and asked me if I would watch her dog for her while she was “Out of town”! !!  So…clearly the invitation wasn’t lost in the mail.  I very politely gave her a reference for a pet sitting company that I thought did a great job.  It’s been radio silence since then.  What would you do?  I know she is mad that I didn’t come to her shower but my heart dog needed me.  I didn’t have any good options.  Also she never asks me how Bosco is doing or how I am holding up.  I thought that I left the mean girl crap behind in middle school.  What do I do?


ok, enough self pity.  Let’s end this post on a pawsitive note.  Here’s my tripawd calander submission photo.  This was just last spring but it feels so long ago.  He was so energetic and had a great time at Hilton Head!






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10 thoughts on “#heartdog”

  1. I’m so sorry your friend isn’t supportive or even kind. I lost a friend of 35 years because after my brother died leaving unspayed cats and no plans, I couldn’t take them because my Tripawd cat needs me. I took them to a good shelter after exhausting all options (I had pneumonia at the time). Both WERE adopted. 18 months later she sent me an email saying I was cruel and disappointed her, that I sentenced them to death! Friendship over. This happens. Some people don’t feel the same about pets. Some are just cruel. I hope you know your love for Bosco is pure and you will know what’s best, along with his help. I’ve always felt my babies let me know they were ready. Our pets give us the best day when they join our life and the worst when they go. I firmly believe we will reunite and they will be healed. I’m sorry for your pain and Bosco’s troubles. Thinking of both of you. ❤️🐾

    1. I am so very sorry to hear about your brother. That must have been really hard. I am also sorry that your friend reacted so poorly to the situation. You know what’s right for you and adding two additional cats to your home, when you have a tri-kitty to care for would be a lot. It would have been nice if your friend offered to take the two cats or if she offered to find them homes. Sigh…I wish more people were able to consider the perspective of others. For whatever it’s worth, I think you did the right thing. I get it.

  2. Oh man, such a tough spot, I’m so sorry. First and foremost… If you have Vaseline and can apply some to his rectal area that will help protect his skin if it is superficial.

    I’m so sorry he’s having such a hard time. Bad as it might be it is good to have an emergency plan in case that time comes that Bosco needs to shed his earthly clothes and make the cross over the bridge. You are doing everything possible for him and i know that’s such a hard place to be in.

    Secondly, not everybody has the same priorities but in my honest opinion if this “friend” is behaving this way in such a devastating time they are not much of a friend. I know we all have different things going on in our lives and her’s sounds very busy right now too, but in my heart of hearts i could not do that to a friend. Maybe you need to talk and clear the air, or maybe she just doesn’t get it but she should have been more gracious. Just my opinion.

    Has anybody given you more of a prognosis on Bosco? Is there a possibility he will regain his strength? And i guess after that comes “the line” that you may want to decide to make for the both of you. I know you love him and will do the best thing. Sometimes when you make a conscious decision with yourself and your family on how far to go in the best interest of all of you clarifies things a little better. It is never easy though, i have walked down that path more than once, and with my own heart dog.

    I am so sorry for your situation right now. Warm hugs to all of you and wishes for peace and light 🌹❤️🌹

    Jackie and Huck ❤️

    1. Thank you. I am trying the Vaseline. The holistic vet got back to me and suggested a cold compress so I am doing that too. He may need an antibiotic ointment. So we will see how it goes.

      You exactly right that my “friend” is being much of a friend. I think I just needed to hear someone other than my husband say that. I think I am just going to be polite since we work together but I don’t consider her a friend anymore. And that’s okay.

      As far as the prognosis for his mobility, we don’t know for sure. It may be caused by lumbral sacral disease or the cancer may be in his back. In order to know which, he needs an MRI or CT. That involves putting him on his back which could make it worse, it costs$1,000, and if it’s the cancer there is nothing else we could do about it. If it’s lumbral sacrel we would continue to do what we have been doing. So it just didn’t make sense to us to do the test. I think that because so much time has gone by now, his mobility probably is not coming back. But, we give him a lot of attention and we are able to work out our schedules so that one of us can be home with him almost all the time.

  3. I’m very sorry that your “friend” is adding stress to an already stressful situation. You don’t deserve that and she doesn’t deserve you. It sounds to me like your sweet Bosco has a human problem called C.diff. It happens when the antibiotics destroy all the “good” bacteria in your stomach. Flagyl is a drug that is prescribed to treat that issue and there is a stronger type of antibiotic (for humans) that is prescribed when the Flagyl doesn’t work (vancomycin). I know this because I’ve had it three times and it is incredibly painful and debilitating. I would ask your vet about the possibility that the antibiotics have caused this problem. It’s a simple question and she/he should take you seriously. Don’t give up yet. Your picture for the calendar is adorable. w

    1. That’s a thought. We may be going back to the vet if things don’t improve. He is on flagella. Also I’m giving him a good probiotic that was reccomend at the vet school. I’ll ask about c. Diff. I think the problem might be the fact that we keep having to give him different foods. He’s definitely got food aversion. He doesn’t appear to be in pain beyond his rear end being sore. so I am grateful for that.

      Bosco started coughing the night before last. It’s a new symptom and it’s awful. When it started it sounded horrible but it’s sounded better today. I know it’s part of Osteosarcoma so we will watch him and keep evaluating quality of life. That cough though…it put things in perspective. I know what matters most to me. I don’t need disingenuous people in my life. I need folks who can support me even if they don’t always agree with me. I can do that for others and I deserve no less. Thank you for all of your suggestions.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      Things seem to be declining still. He isn’t eating much and his face looks sunken in. We met with a hospice vet today to see if there are any more palliative options. She only suggested Tylenol which is a very short term help. We are planning to euthanize on Thursday. If things happen to turn around we can always cancel but it doesn’t look good. The vet was very kind and helped us come to this decision. I just hope it’s the right one. He is still alert and bright eyed.

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